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Projects at Headstone Manor Park

Numerous Projects have been undertaken in the park since the formation of the FoHMP in 2017, some of which have been managed by Harrow Council & external organisations.

This Partners page has links to the relevant external organisations.

Information on the completed & upcoming projects are detailed below. 

Rewilding Project.jfif

Rewilding Project Plan


Bat Survey

Flood Alleviation Scheme.jpg

Flood Alleviation Scheme

Woodland Copse.jpg

The Copse Ecology Plan

people graphic crop.JPG

Visitor Survey

Management & Maintenance Plan.jpg

Management and Maintenance Plan

Looking South rs.jpg

Wetland Monitoring

Premier Tennis logo.jpg
yeading brook unbound image.JPG

Yeading Brook Unbound


Rivers and Wetlands Community Days

Parkside way entrance.jpg


 Parkside Way Entrance

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