Heritage Lottery Fund - Parks for People Project

February 2020
The Adverse Weather Conditions in February 2020 (Storm Ciara, Dennis & Jorge) have impacted on the progress of works across the park as area's remain waterlogged or flooded.


Design Team Update
Following our meeting with Harrow Council on 13th February 2020 we can confirm that our outstanding information request spreadsheet is still in place and we will continue to review these with Harrow Council to ensure they are closed off as soon as possible.

Our next formal meeting for March 2020 has yet to be confirmed. (We will continue to share information and updates with you on key dates and progress).


Anyone wishing to comment on the Park redevelopment should do so via the consultation document here.


Picnic Area
Works to this area commenced on Monday 06th January 2020. 
The Footpath diversions to enable the deculverting works to be undertaken where put in place on 06th February 2020 and will remain in force until the works to this area are completed:


At the meeting on the Thursday 13th February 2020 we were advised by Harrow Council 4 No.additional Trees would need to be removed (1 x Birch, 1 x London Plane, 1 x White Willow & 1 x Norway Maple) as part of the Deculverting works and provision of new footbridge and footpaths these were felled on 17th February 2020. These will be supplemented by 2 No. Field Maple, 1 No. Crab Apple & 3 No. Cherry trees.


We will still press Harrow Council for the 11 new mature trees to be planted as indicated on the revised layout for this area.


Works to this area will take several months to complete and we will keep you updated on progress.


Children's Playground
Works to this area commenced on Monday 06th January 2020.

The new play equipment has now been installed and the existing equipment relocated into the designated play zones. The existing fence has now been relocated to accommodate the new layout.


We are continuing to press Harrow Council for a completion date for this area hopefully the Children's Playground will be available for the Easter Holiday.


Green Gym Relocation
The outdoor gym equipment which is currently located near the Parkside Way entrance will be located next to the Basket Ball court it is anticipated this work will commence early April 2020.


Wetland Area
Excavation works for the sedimentation ponds and reed beds is now largely complete and the work to connect these areas into the existing culvert will be completed in early March 2020 as the progress has been effected by the recent bad weather. Once the wetland site is established plants will naturally filter pollutants from the water entering the pond and reed bed and the water flowing into the Moat and Brook will be much cleaner.


Pinner View Car Park
Works to upgrade the footpath adjacent to the Moat has been completed but will remain closed until the works to the Wetland area are completed, this will link to the footpath in the Wetland area and eventually connect to the footpath in the Persimmon Homes development (Harrow West) to form part of the Green Corridor from Headstone Manor Park to Harrow Civic Centre. The vegetation along the Moat edge has been cut back to allow the new post and rail fence to be installed.


Pinner View Naturalisation
The works to the Footpath around Bessborough Cricket pitch (East & South Sections ) has now been completed however this will remain closed as the surface needs to settle down it is anticipated that this will be fully operational in early March 2020. The North & West sections are still in the early stages as they are being utilised by site vehicles accessing the park a new bench has been installed to this section which will overlook the Cricket pitch. The realignment of the Yeading Brook (North of Bessborough Cricket pitch) and the final connection to the Moat outflow has now been completed this will allow the Yeading brook to follow a more winding path which will help to control flooding and improve the aquatic improvement of the water as it meanders more slowly around the curves of the new route. This has allowed work on the landscaping to be commenced and the new Park entrance has been defined which has now been linked up to the new bridge. Works have commenced on the formation of the second bridge on this section which will link the new footpath to the Moat Cafe the anticipated completion date for this area is April 2020.


Headstone Lane West Entrance
Works on the new footpath from Headstone Lane to the Children's Playground following the route of the existing hedge is now completed and has now been reopened to the public, check out the new bench located halfway along the footpath.


Existing Footpaths (Park wide)
Work to repair / replace the existing footpaths commenced in January 2020 with completion anticipated by the end of May 2020, with the exception of works to the Parkside Way entrance as this is scheduled to commence in early Spring (June 2020) as part of the flood alleviation works.


Headstone Lane - car park
Works to this area are scheduled to commence in April / May 2020 in conjunction with the repair / replacement of existing footpaths.