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Fun and Games
Nature Trails, Spotters Guides, Wordsearch, colouring in and Origami

From this page, you can download leaflets which you will find helpful and interesting when visiting the Park. You can print these out or download them to your smartphone.

We have also made some games and things to do based on the park.

Nature Trails

Wild Fun

Leaf ID

Twig ID

Fruits and seeds ID

Blossom and Catkins ID

General Wordsearch

Trees Wordsearch

Birds Wordsearch

Rivers and watercourses Wordsearch

River Morphology Wordsearch

Bat Wordsearch

Origami Butterfly

Origami Pigeon

Origami Ladybird

Butterfly Colouring in

Ladybird Colouring in

Wildflowers Colouring in

Egret Colouring in

Bat Colouring in 1

Bat Colouring in 2

Dot to dot leaf

Dot to dot Egyptian Goose

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