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Headstone Manor Park Factsheet 




The park is owned by Harrow Council. 


Leases and Covenants: 


Harrow Council lease contracts associated with provision of activities and concessions in the park.  

  • Cricket Pavilion (Bessborough Cricket Club). 

  • Cricket Pavilion (West Harrow Cricket Club). 

  • Hugs and Giggle’s Nursery. 

  • Toilet Block (Managed by Headstone Manor and Museum).

  • Sports Pavilion (FoHMP License to Occupy). Pinner Albion F.C (Seasonal).

  • Storage Container (FoHMP License to Occupy).

  • Wider park landscape (events).


Headstone Manor Park also includes the following leases and covenants within the Headstone Manor and Museum Complex.

  • Commercial Lease Moat Café and Visitor Centre.

  • Headstone Manor.

  • Great Barn. 

  • Small Barn. 

  • Granary.


Headstone Manor Park is porous with numerous key access points along its boundary and internal footway routes.

Principal entrances include the following.

  • Headstone Lane entrance (north of park) and car park - vehicular and pedestrian. 

  • Headstone Lane entrance (north west of park) - pedestrian. 

  • Parkside Way entrance (south west of park) - pedestrian.

  • Pinner View entrance (south east of park) and car park – vehicular and pedestrian (overflow car park extension located to the east of the main car park).

  • Harrow View West housing development - pedestrian. 


Transport links: 


The park can be reached through the use of public transport with the following stations/stops nearby:


Rail and Tube: 


  • Harrow and Wealdstone (Bakerloo, Overground) – is a 15 minute walk / H9 bus to Headstone Manor Park.

  • Headstone Lane (Overground) – is a 15 minute walk / H19 and the simplest route. 

  • North Harrow (Metropolitan) – is a 15 minute walk / H10 bus. 




  • H9 and H10 stop at Pinner View, which is a three minute walk to Headstone Manor Park. 

  • H14 and 223 stop at Harrow View West, which is a five minute walk to Headstone Manor Park. 

  • H18 and H19 stop at Headstone Lane which is a three minute walk to Headstone Manor Park. 


Travelling by Car: 


There is a free car park in Pinner View, 100m from the entrance gate of Headstone Manor Park and a free car park off Headstone Lane adjacent to Hugs & Giggles Nursery.


Opening times: 


Headstone Manor Park 


The park is freely accessible to the public 24/7 at no cost.


Headstone Manor & Museum


  • The Moat Cafe and Visitor Centre: Seasonal (Generally Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am - 4pm).

  • The Great Barn: Open for functions only. 

  • The Granary: Open for educational visits.

  • Headstone Manor Museum -  Seasonal (Generally Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am -4pm).


The park is covered by the Council’s byelaws


Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) came into effect on 1st March 2024: 


Is also in place to deal with anti-social behaviour and nuisance or other concerns which are considered detrimental to the local community’s quality of life.


1. Borough wide

2. Town Centres

3. Housing Estates

4. Parks

Headstone Manor Park- General


The park provides a range of social needs for the community as well as for a range of formal & informal sports & social events alongside informal activities such as walking, dog walking and sitting/relaxing


Details of the self guided Nature Walks and Wild Fun activities can be found here

A range of regular events take place within the park further details can be found here



  • Senior football pitches. 

  • Junior football pitches.

  • Cricket Squares.

  • Children's playground.

  • Tennis Courts. 

  • Basketball practice net.

  • Headstone Manor & Museum

  • Moat Café / Visitors Centr

  • Public Toilets 

  • Museum & Visitor Centre.

  • Carpark.


Stakeholder organisations 


For further information, click here to be directed to the Partners Page

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