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Headstone Manor Park Factsheet 




The park is owned by Harrow Council. 


Leases and Covenants: 


Harrow Council lease contracts associated with provision of activities and concessions in the park.  

  • Cricket Pavilion (Bessborough Cricket Club). 

  • Cricket Pavilion (West Harrow Cricket Club). 

  • Hugs and Giggle’s Nursery. 

  • Toilet Block (Managed by Headstone Manor and Museum).

  • Sports Pavilion (FoHMP License to Occupy).

  • Storage Container (FoHMP License to Occupy). 

  • Wider park landscape (events).


Headstone Manor Park also includes the following leases and covenants within the Headstone Manor and Museum Complex.

  • Commercial Lease Moat Café and Visitor Centre.

  • Headstone Manor.

  • Great Barn. 

  • Small Barn. 

  • Granary. 

  • Access. 


Headstone Manor Park is porous with numerous key access points along its boundary and internal footway routes.

Principal entrances include the following.

  • Headstone Lane entrance (north of park) and car park - vehicular and pedestrian. 

  • Headstone Lane entrance (north west of park) - pedestrian. 

  • Parkside Way entrance (south west of park) - pedestrian.

  • Pinner View entrance (south east of park) and car park – vehicular and pedestrian (overflow car park extension located to the east of the main car park).

  • Harrow View West housing development - pedestrian. 


Transport links: 


The park can be reached through the use of public transport with the following stations/stops nearby:


Rail and Tube: 


  • Harrow and Wealdstone (Bakerloo, Overground) – is a 15 minute walk / H9 bus to Headstone Manor Park.

  • Headstone Lane (Overground) – is a 15 minute walk / H19 and the simplest route. 

  • North Harrow (Metropolitan) – is a 15 minute walk / H10 bus. 




  • H9 and H10 stop at Pinner View, which is a three minute walk to Headstone Manor Park. 

  • H14 stops at Victor Road, which is a six minute walk away. 

  • H18 and H19 stop at Headstone Lane which is a three minute walk to Headstone Manor Park. 


Travelling by Car: 


There is a free car park in Pinner View, 100m from the entrance gate of Headstone Manor Park and a free car park off Headstone Lane adjacent to Hugs & Giggles Nursery.


Opening times: 


Headstone Manor Park 


The park is freely accessible to the public 24/7 at no cost.


Headstone Manor & Museum


  • The Moat Cafe and Visitor Centre: Seasonal (Generally Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am - 4pm).

  • The Great Barn: Open for functions only. 

  • The Granary: Open for educational visits.

  • Headstone Manor Museum -  Seasonal (Generally Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am -4pm).


The park is covered by the Council’s byelaws


Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO): 


Is also in place to deal with anti-social behaviour and nuisance or other concerns which are considered detrimental to the local community’s quality of life.


Headstone Manor Park- General


The park provides a range of social needs for the community as well as for a range of formal & informal sports & social events alongside informal activities such as walking, dog walking and sitting/relaxing


Details of the self guided Nature Walks and Wild Fun activities can be found here

A range of regular events take place within the park further details can be found here



  • Senior football pitches. 

  • Junior football pitches.

  • Cricket Squares.

  • Children's playground.

  • Tennis Courts. 

  • Basketball practice net.

  • Headstone Manor & Museum

  • Moat Café / Visitors Centr

  • Public Toilets 

  • Museum & Visitor Centre.

  • Carpark.


Stakeholder organisations 


For further information, click here to be directed to the Partners Page

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